With the growth of the photography industry in the last decade, there has been a huge swell in the number of newborn photographers.  Not all photographers have the knowledge and skill required to safely handle a baby and create those beautiful poses and images we all strive for.

When looking for a photographer, you should look for one who has received the necessary training in newborn safety.  There are so many small details that most don't consider when working with a newborn.   We've covered them all in our training.

Our certified photographers have received an depth training in safe posing, equipment handling, studio prep, cleanliness, compositing images and various other areas.

We've developed this organization and training to create an industry standard in newborn photography safety and make sure that newborn photographers are well informed of the steps they should take to ensure your baby's safety at all times during a photo session.

All of our certified newborn photographers can be found on our Find A Photographer page.