The American Association of Newborn Photography Safety (AANPS) was developed primarily by a newborn photographer with the assistance and guidance of a consulting pediatrician.  AANPS was formed to answer the call for training and standards in newborn photography safety.


Newborn photography has boomed over the last decade.  With so many photographers for parents to choose from, we wanted to make sure there was training and certification available to photographers at all levels.  And for their to be a distinction between those who have received the training and their certification.

We only focus on newborn safety.  We do not educate in posing, lighting or business.

When searching for a photographer, look for the AANPS logo on their site.  Or you can use our Find A Photographer page to find a certified newborn photographer in your area.

AANPS, it's affiliates and consultants lay no claim to medical advice or liability issues arising during newborn sessions.  Any concerns should be addressed with your photographer.